Hi, my name is _________. I'm an artist living and working in San Francisco, California. What's posted here, you may ask? I don't know anymore — it seems to be an amalgamation of my own thoughts and writings and reblogging things that inspire me to keep trudging forward through the void. I generally also like to post artwork by me and other people.
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Because it’s hard to find someone you love, who loves you-but you can begin, at least, by finding someone who loves your love song.
Dave Hickey, Air Guitar, “Unbreak My Heart, an Overture”

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I want to know everything
I want to be everywhere
I want to fuck everyone in the world
I want to do something that matters
Nine Inch Nails, I do not want this. (TDS)

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Can’t jump ship just yet
There’s no one at the wheel
Someone has to steer
Keep your head
There’s no time to lose
The Cooper Temple Clause, Same Mistakes

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Sometimes all I really wanna feel is love
Sometimes I’m angry that I feel so angry
Sometimes my feelings get in the way of what I really feel I needed to say
Modest Mouse, Edit the Sad Parts

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picture HD

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Your Bitter Is My Sweet/Blame Game


Things used to be. Now they’re not. Anything but us is who we are. Disguising ourselves as secret lovers, we’ve become public enemies. We walk away like strangers in the street. Gone for eternity, we erase one another. No phone calls. No sweet text messages. We are mere specs of particles,…

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Here’s to the Few



"Here’s to the few who forgive what you do, and the fewer who don’t even care."

—Leonard Cohen

Posted on Wit of the Staircase, January 01,2007

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Gotta terminate the hate, spread the positive
Kid Cudi, Simple As

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Welcome to Night Vale.

We start today’s show with some exciting agricultural news. John Peters – you know, the farmer? – said his winter orange crop is outstanding this year! He said there are oranges everywhere! Delicious clementines, juicy Valencias, rich navels, and bold blood oranges.

John said there are so many oranges, “a real bumper crop,” he said. “A real orange-tacular,” he did not say. “A real orange-a-thon,” he never would have said. “A real orange-ocalypse,” he may have thought, but kept to himself.

John, speaking to a pack of local reporters, and backed by a group of farmers wearing black double-breasted suits and red silk ties, said this is the dawning of a new citrus economy in Night Vale.

John said, “Citrus is our future. Citrus holds the key to prosperity. Citrus holds the key to health. One particular orange here literally holds the key to a one-sided door in the middle of the desert. If you find that orange,” John said, “I will pay you dearly for it.”

“Or rather,” John corrected himself, “you will pay dearly for it.”

Then John said, “Either way, whatever. Would love to have that orange, my friend. Would love to have that orange. Yessir!” he punctuated. “Or ma’am. Or neither. I mean, whoever. Sure would love to have that orange,” he chuckled while sweating and adjusting his wooden hat.

John then tossed some oranges to the reporters. The reporters caught the oranges, and then began to disappear. And reappear. Blinking in and out of existence, quickly at first, then slowly, then more out of existence than in, until they were all gone.

More on this story as it develops.

Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 38 - Orange Grove

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You gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time
The Beatles, Carry that Weight