On January 22nd, 1988, out from the womb a slime covered baby popped into existence. That baby was named after Eric Clapton and Dustin Hoffman (Eric Dustin Dyer). An artist of epic proportions had been created. Eric currently resides in San Francisco, California. This is their life.


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He told me he was an artist.
I asked what kind of art he made.
He said: “I do my own thing.”
I said: “What’s your thing?”
He said: “Doing my thing.”

As I was walking away, his wife gave me his name. “Look him up,” she said. So I did.


"Andres Serrano (born August 15, 1950 in New York City) is an American photographer and artist who has become notorious through his photos of corpses and his use of feces and bodily fluids in his work, notably his controversial work "Piss Christ", a red-tinged photograph of a crucifix submerged in a glass container of what was purported to be the artist’s own urine." -Wikipedia

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New post up!

I asked artist Larissa Lockshin to share her favorite youtube-videos

This is what she sent me


(Source: phinery-fivequestions)

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Rock Bar

What’s it called and where is it?

It is a bar and it is located in San Francisco. The bar program is directed by artist and curator Brion Nuda Rosch.

Who goes there?

Neighbors & Intellectuals. Artists and Non-Artists

How does it work?

It’s a bar. It works like a bar. You stop by for a drink. You talk. You play songs from the Aquarius Records curated jukebox. You talk more. You watch films played silently on Wednesdays. You put peanut butter on your ankles and Jaws I, II, III, & IV are playing on the flat screen TVs, the sound when Jaws is about to attack is heard and the neighbor’s dog licks your ankle, you jump from your seat and spill your properly made Old Fashioned. You are part of a happening.

Why is it important?

Because talking about art with only artists is boring. And experiencing art only in art spaces is also boring. A place to meet and gather. A place for a happening.

Art + discussion + cocktails + silent films + vinyl + live music. This sounds like the ultimate plan! Thanks for sharing your Art MicroHub with us, Brion Nuda Rosch :)

As a SF based artist — I’m glad they posted this; I plan on checking it out soon! SOUNDS AWESOME.

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What do you think of Jasper Johns?

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But I who have not a penny still say in this matter that money is one kind of coin and painting another.
van Gogh, 3 February 1889 (via leopoldgursky)

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There is no bridge between obscurity and success; the artist works away neglected or amidst the crowd’s acclaim. You need luck to make the leap and strength to avoid disaster
Erwin Piscator

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Had the amazing opportunity to visit his studio and talk to him for a while. He couldn’t have been a more genuine guy, very open in his views, a sly witty humor that left you wondering if what he said was serious or if he was just messing with you. If you have the chance to see his work in person, do it!


Reblog of the day: Tony Feher’s Just So makes us dream of ocean waves and beach days! 


Tony Feher - Just So (2002)

clear glass bottles with white plastic screw caps, distilled water, food coloring

Tony Feher
Just So, 2002 
28 clear glass bottles with white plastic screw caps, distilled water, food coloring 
overall: 7 1/4 x 100 inches (18.4 x 254 cm)
each bottle: 7 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches diameter (18.4 x 6.4 cm)

Photos courtesy of Tony Feher.

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Throughout his career, Richard Tuttle has deliberately sought to create works that command attention through quiet means and humble or fragile materials. Works such as this piece represents for him an “expression of elation for the potential for a new beginning, the possibility to rebuild and discover a harmony for existing in the world today.”  We continue to admire his work and wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Photo Credit: Richard Tuttle, Walking on Air, 5, 2008, cotton with Rit dyes, grommets, thread, 1’ 10-1/2” x 10’ 2” ©Richard Tuttle, courtesy The Pace Gallery. Photo by Kerry Ryan McFate/ Courtesy The Pace Gallery

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Reminder, I set up a new tumblr for my art

I don’t have very many people following…

So it goes.

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Eric Dyer

Made this and set this tumblr up for my time in Brooklyn this month. More to come.