Hi, my name is _________. I'm an artist living and working in San Francisco, California. What's posted here, you may ask? I don't know anymore — it seems to be an amalgamation of my own thoughts and writings and reblogging things that inspire me to keep trudging forward through the void. I generally also like to post artwork by me and other people.
Enjoy your stay!

06:08 pm, ericsozone

Filtering the content constantly consuming our collective craniums.

There are a multitude of things surrounding us; this is a list of some of those things: lightpolls, buildings - residential, commercial, industrial. Other people, people without homes, advertising on billboards, advertising on buses, advertising in windows, advertisi… Wires, electric, telephone, and in San Francisco - MUNI. Animals, buildings, graffitti, trees, foliage, plants, dirt, poop, debris, cigarette butts, litter, pavement, food, all outside my front door; the list goes on depending how adventurous you become.

What information do we unconciously absorb during our daily habits? What are the things we shuffle past or shy away from? My environment is urban. I filter through libraries, shopping malls and allyways. The streets are covered with goods. The demarcation of disaffected urbanization. I’m sorry to bother you. -How could anything bother me on such a day?