Hi, my name is _________. I'm an artist living and working in San Francisco, California. What's posted here, you may ask? I don't know anymore — it seems to be an amalgamation of my own thoughts and writings and reblogging things that inspire me to keep trudging forward through the void. I generally also like to post artwork by me and other people.
Enjoy your stay!

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mr-optix said: Hey I've been trying to find some good tutorials on doing glitch art and looking for really good programs what would you recommend?


Heya, I have some tutorials under the Glitch Art Tutorial tag on my page. There’s also recently been a thread in the Glitch Artists Collective that lists enough tools and resources to last you a lifetime. If you have an specific questions lemme know! The main programs I use in particular are: Goldwave, Audacity, VirtualDub, and Avidemux 2.5.6

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Bear In Heaven - “Autumn” (Official Video)

High Definition 4K music video with rich low resolution graphics put together by Peter Burr for Bear In Heaven is a trippy experience. Video embedded below (but watch in the highest resolution possible for best effect):


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#Library Time — Come on and grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands. #takeAlookInAbook (at San Francisco Public Library)

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"What do you call an alligator in a vest?"

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Banner time travel #unknown #20thCentury #sf (at Fort Mason Center)

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Awesome #art on the ramp at #sfai. Wish I knew who the artist is! (at San Francisco Art Institute)

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Stephen Root after #OfficeSpace at #CastroTheatre (at Castro Theatre)

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Lots of people out on this beautiful day (at Alamo Square)

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The Presence of Books


"I wandered away into our town’s library and its world-encompassing books and urbane fashion magazines and this place served as the map room for the long voyage away I was planning. I still have a great swelling of the heart, a feeling of enormous possibility when I am talking about or in the…

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